How to Download, Install Microsoft Office and Activate

To download the Office setup and install Microsoft Office on your PC visit and know the step-by-step guide to download, install Microsoft Office and activate. Sign in with your Microsoft Account to download and install Office. If the purchase of Office involved a product key, sign in at with a working Microsoft Account and enter the product key.

How to Download Microsoft Office Setup

Before downloading Microsoft Office Setup, you need to ensure that your PC or Mac meets the system requirements for download, installation and optimal operation of Microsoft Office, which can be done by checking out the system information of the Computer in the Control Panel – for Windows users. After verification of the requirements, the user can go ahead to download, install and activate Microsoft office. You need a new or existing Microsoft Account to download the setup from

Using Office Product Key in Microsoft Office Setup

In some scenarios, however, some users may have a product key which was handed over to them during the purchase of MS Office. The product key can be used to setup and access Microsoft Office products and services through various means. These means include:

  • A direct download of Office Products for PC and Mac.
  • Office download through Microsoft HUP.
  • Office download through the Microsoft Store.
  • A direct download of MS Office products for Mac.
  • Office 365 Business Premium.

Entering the product key after signing in using a new or existing Microsoft Account will facilitate the download and installation of MS Office.

  • Open your Browser and visit:
  • To sign in, you will need a working Microsoft Account. In the absence of an existing working account, you can go ahead and create one by following simple steps.
  • Enter the contents of the product key while omitting hyphens in the prompt that follows.
  • To validate and redeem the product key, follow the set of instructions that appear on your working space.

A successful sign-in will direct you to the Office Home Page where you can download the version of Office of your choice. Select Install Office > Install to begin the installation of Office 365. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, you should select Install again to install Office. When using an account that belongs to a designated place of work or Institution, you can install MS Office 2016 from the Office 365 home page by selecting Install Office apps > Office 2016.

You can customize the version of Office 365, MS Office 2016, and MS Office 2013 you intend to download depending on the language of your choice and system version of your PC's operating system, 32/64 bit. Once these options are selected, MS Office download begins immediately.

How to Install MS Office on Your PC

You need to install Microsoft Office on your PC to start using Office products and services. The installation process is simple, and by following a simple procedure, you can install Office on your PC. Different Browsers display different prompts in the installation process. Below are the various approaches to be pursued in MS Office installation as far as different browsers are concerned.

  • Click Run in Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer to install Microsoft Office on your PC.
  • Click Setup in Google Chrome browser to install Microsoft Office on your PC.
  • Click Save File in Mozilla Firefox to install Microsoft Office on your PC.

A User Account Control prompt appears on the screen asking you to allow the installed app to effect changes to your device. Clicking yes begins the process of MS Office Installation on your PC. A message showing Office installation means that MS Office has successfully installed on your PC and the user can access it by checking it on your Apps list.

How to Activate Microsoft Office

After a successful installation of MS Office 2016, you can begin accessing Office products which include Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, Access 2016, Outlook 2016, Project 2016, Publisher 2016, OneNote 2016, Outlook 2016 and Visio 2016. In most cases, these products activate automatically, but in some instances, user action is necessary. The following are case scenarios which require Activation by the user and how to handle them.

Set up MS Office by Signing in

This prompt appears when the user attempts to use Office Products. If you have an active Office 365 subscription, selecting sign in will Activate Office. Visiting facilitates the redemption of a one-time purchase of Office. Signing in to Office detects your purchase and activates Office.

The MS Office Activation Wizard

Office automatically activates in the event the user personally installed MS Office. The activation wizard pops up in the event Office needs user intervention to activate.

Activate Office with a Product Key

In this case, the Microsoft Account used to make an Office subscription or purchase activates the installed version of Microsoft Office. A new or existing Microsoft Account can be used to sign in to Office which will activate your version of MS Office. In cases where Office is installed on the PC, clicking Activate and linking the purchase with a working Microsoft Account activates MS Office.

The prompt appears during activation informing the user of MS Office Set up can also be solved by using a working Microsoft Account because Office installation was as a one-time purchase or an annual subscription. In some cases, Office may ask the user to activate MS Office, which can be done by clicking the Activate button that appears.

Buy Office

The user may be prompted to purchase Office if their version of MS Office is not activated. In this case, the user can enter the product key to facilitate the activation of their installed version of MS Office.

MS Office Trial, Purchase and Activation

In such instances, the user can activate Office 365 or MS Office 2016 by entering the product key. In some cases, the user is prompted to use the trial version or purchase Office. Alternatively, providing the product key can activate MS Office. In this case, keying in the contents of the product key activates the version of Office in use.

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